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    Works are available in three sizes:

    75 x 90 cm (29,5 x 35,5 in) – Edition 5+2 AP

    90 x 120 cm (35,5 x 47,2 in) – Edition 5+2 AP

    200 x 300 cm (79 x 118 in) – 1 + 1 AP

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  • “The world is like a huge city that is reflected in a mirror.”


    Based on concepts of scientific and philosophical reasoning, “Powers of the World” reflects upon the duality of masculine and feminine forces. This duality establishes the underlying dynamic of social change. For Vika Kova, the duality of the sexes, or rather an imbalance between female and male societal influences around the world has been a major focus behind her drive to create. Exaggerated and uneducated male ego is represented in our society by wars and terrorist attacks, however, the governments prefer to invest in security and weaponry instead of education and awareness.

    This enigma has inspired Vika Kova to go on a journey – to travel the world in search for the answers. On a first-hand account, Kova researches by meeting and observing women of different cultures and social classes in search for the source of social duality. It is through pure artistry that Kova developed her hunger for social knowledge into an exciting complex study of various theories of social systems. Speculating the inner-polarity within every “brick” of our society, Kova searches for recognition of duality within the individual and portrays cultural symbols resembling some of those theories.

    It also contains the expression of disapproval of our society’s denial of the fact that events and things only “seem” to be separated in time and space; and ignoring that what we experience every day is a projected reality in which everything is bounded and connected.

    The purpose of human existence, therefore, is the balance and harmony of opposites (well-matched duality). Living in the world where everything is measured, examined and then compared, Vika Kova asks herself: Is it possible to calculate the right yin-yang ratio of a certain human being? If yes, then what would be the ideal rate? And what would be the desirable rate within the artist herself? If humans can measure the temperature on Mars, can we also measure such an important ratio within ourselves? And if we could, how much yang and how much yin you get within each person? How do these contrary forces actually complement, interconnect and give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another?

    “Powers of the World” is the reflection of an age-old duel between male and female, right and wrong, light and dark, silence and noise. This duality is physically created by utilizing white oil-painted textile placed on top of the black acrylic-painted canvas. Composed with a keen cinematic contrast between moving and steady images, balancing between calmness and clutter in the music-mixing.

    The Powers – separately

    At first, examined per country, it became clear to the artist that USA is driven by unisex at high pace of living: that is why the video content of USA is the shortest and the most repetitive one; and the textile part is cut in the shape of a T-shirt made from denim, suggesting yet again unisex jeans-culture. The content of the video conveys high, pulsating and demanding tempo of American life. The viewer can feel the stress of a traffic-jam, associated with the high blood pressure. Both, stress and traffic-jams are originally American phenomena. The pulsating vivid images can also make you feel hoop and at the same time the pressure of deceptive intoxication and unfulfilled promises of the American dream. The duality is showed here as the synergy between a biology of a human body and it’s greatest creation – civilisation. In music composition you can hear the fragments of various music styles, originated in the USA – from classic jazz to Broadway, dixieland, disco to hiphop and R&B, completed with the iconic quotes by both female and male leaders and influentials of the country.

    Searching for the right atmosphere to express the duality in Russia, Vika Kova asked the videodancer to move slowly, graciously and mysteriously, to exclude smiling and other emotions, except the certain tensity. The choice of a classic dress in dark brown colours is also not a coincidence, as it is a representation of a male-female dynamics in action. This dark, intense spectacle is thrown on a oil-painted sackcloth, edged by a silk-fringe, cut in the shape of famous Russian shawl – one of the most important symbols of Russia. It also reflects a current problem of a big gap between different classes and generations in the Russian Federation.

    In the sound-mixing you can hear an artistic fusion of pieces by M.Mussorgsky, N.Rimsky- Korsakov, A.Lyadov, P.Tchaikovsky and the quotes of President Putin, Former General Secretary of Communist Party L.Brezhnev, B.Yeltsin, their wives and spouses; plus the quotes of iconic Russian singer Alla Pougacheva, who is known for her man-like behaviour.

    Finally, don’t get misguided by the serenity and calmness of the images portraying . The music will give you a different impression. According to the artist this is the ultimate manifestation of duality of this country: calm and slow from the outside, emotion-rich and alert from the inside. The dancer in the video was asked to imitate the motion of making cotton – the process which looks effortless, but requires intensity and sense of duty. As a result of the emancipation during the communist period, the robe made of cotton became the most common wardrobe piece for both men and women, as well as one of the symbols of China. The manifestation of duality within this artwork is orchestrated by classic Chinese music mixed with iconic quotes of Mao Zedong and his wife Jiang Qing, their supporters and opponents, also from present generation.


    The right choice of textile is playing rather an important role in this complex artwork, as it is a material manifestation of the results of the “Powers of the World”- research. The textile always correlates with the theme of every artwork. It is also the anchor for the authentic bound between different powers of the world. Therefore Vika very carefully chooses suitable type of textile, which makes every artwork unique in its quality. Because human duality reveals itself in complexity and imperfection, every piece of textile is not perfect as well. You will find some flaws, wrinkles or needless, lines, inspired by human nature. You also won’t find a perfect symmetry in the cut of textile, representing the same essence.

    In the framework of “Powers of the World” Vika Kova developed an unprecedented style of music composing: mixing (like a DJ does) different fragments of symphonic music with relevant popular music and iconic, hard-to-find quotes of legendary personalities, creating a new original sound, early unknown in both classical and contemporary music world.

    These sound creations, mixed and compiled exclusively for every piece of “Powers of the World” sound surprisingly harmonious when you put them all together: regardless of time and space, the viewer gets to hear the random symphony of co-existence. To experienc each artwork separately the viewer is invited to put on headphones, that are attached next to every piece. Another significant part of “Powers of the World” is advanced technology.

    Familiar objects such as 3D-projection introduced in an unusual ad creative way, allows the artist to use technology not only as ornamentation, but also as communicative and interactive medium to reach a viewer.

    Introducing soon: Artwork On Demand.

    Collective set up

    The artist likes to exhibit different pieces of “Powers of the World” together, to underline that opposites are complementary. The main purpose of this is to let see the non-localized communication of duality. This non-localized communication activates the dimension of existence in which we are all inseparable and form a whole. Projecting all these images on different screens in the same room would bring the observer to the same thought: all powers are in a direct communicative correlation with each other.

  • Vika Kova (Russia, 1970) is a multimedia artist and international DJ/Singer/Performer, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Her journey in the world of dance and music has influenced her identity as a visual & multimedia artist: Vika Kova combines in a singular way music, images, low and high technology to reflect upon social themes. “Powers of the World” was shown for the first time, in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Los Angeles (USA) in 2014. The series investigates the male and female duality and how it can be measured. Vika Kova is methodically presenting her research per country: we are proud to present at Merton Simpson gallery Powers of the World: USA, China and Russia.

    Her previous multimedia-project, THEMIX, is a combination between modern technology, DJ-ing and performing art. Using a gigantic dress as a mega 3D projection screen, Vika Kova expends the boundaries of the DJ-profession with a performance that includes sound, visual effects and performance. THEMIX is a visual and audio catalogue of the compulsive need to explore dualistic dynamic in the history of mankind.

    Vika Kova grew up in Germany and studied in Moscow where she graduated cum laude from the Music and Ballet Academy and the Music Conservatory.

    Since 2002, Vika Kova has been the Queen of the “Amsterdam Underground” scene and has been its ambassador on stages around the world. From 2000 to 2010 she was the creative and innovative power behind the world-famous Supperclub concept. In 2002 Vika Kova was nominated for the Dutch Dance Awards as “groundbreaking performing artist” for her innovative approach to the dance scene: her performances are unique, artistic and infused with her energy and aesthetics. It comes with no surprise that  Vika Kova was invited to share the stage with every “big boy in the business” such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, Afrojack and many more.

  •  “Powers of the World” was shown for the first time, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Los Angeles (USA) in 2014. In 2015 it was shown at Merton D.Simpson Gallery in New York (USA), at Knocke Art Fair (Belgium), Beirut Art Fair (Lebanon) and at Dock Gallery in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

    Solo exhibitions in 2016: Dock Gallery, Rotterdam (The Netherlanda): February, the 5th – March, the 4th 2016.

    Art on 56th Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon (dates TBC).


    November – Dock gallery, Rotterdam



    October – Commission, permanent installation, Beirut

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    September – Art on 56th – Beirut Art Fair

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    August – Dock Gallery, Rotterdam – Knokke International Art Fair




    March – Merton Simpson Gallery, New York

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    2014 – Ontdek De Kunst van Zuid, Arts Village, Museum Night, Amsterdam

    2014 – Aperitivo @ Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam

    2014 – YPO, Beverly Hills